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About GoodFill

We started on GoodFill in 2018 with only one mission: to facilitate fixed income investments for retail clients.

Since then, we created the technology to democratize fixed income through a smart, simple platform where individuals can buy bonds.
We believe that everyone should invest without convoluted systems and, for that reason, we offer an uncomplicated way to invest your money efficiently.

In our app, you'll find tools to compare bonds, giving you what you need to invest without being an expert.
We're more than an investment platform, we're here to empower you in your financial life.​

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Our Team



Jeff has 30 years of fixed income experience across a broad range of global products including both interest rates and credit. For over 25 years, he has held management roles in sales & trading and was simultaneously a line producer for 20 of those years.


Chief Compliance Officer

Richard has over 30 years of experience in Compliance and began his career at the predecessor organization to FINRA. He has been a Chief Compliance Officer for the past 18 years.


Managing Director, Head of Trading

Eiki has 30 years of experience in fixed income, from both a bank and broker dealer perspective, and was an early pioneer of electronic trading. He began his career as a developer and manages our trading platform with a combination of deep market and technical expertise.


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